A la découverte de … Steve n’ Seagulls (FIN)

A la découverte de … Steve n’ Seagulls (FIN)

Hello and welcome to this very special episode,

Special because I have the pleasure to welcome Herman (Banjo/Vocals) and Remmel (Vocals/Guitar) from the finnish band Steve n’ Seagulls.

We share a moment before one of their gig in France at le Silex in Auxerre, and we go through the last ten years of the band history, from side project to worldwide tour via few viral videos on YouTube.

Music is at the center of the interview, especially the introduction of original songs in their CDs and live set and also how the band work, keeping the bluegrass and country musical codes and the adaptation of rock and metal songs.

You can find more details about the band on their website stevenseagulls.com

See also their gig calendar here stevenseagulls.com/gigs/

Check their Seagulls’ Nest Playlist on Youtube

Thanks a lot to Remmel and Herman for their time so short when you’re on tour; and very special thank to Maïté in charge of the communication at le Silex in Auxerre for the warm welcome.

Feel free to contact me if you want to translate this interview in your native language so that it will be possible to share it to all Steve n’ Seagulls community.

mail : mdam.lepodcast@gmail.com

Tracklist :

Intro : The Trooper (Extrait de Farm Machine-2015)

1. Seek and destroy (Extrait de Farm Machine-2015)

2. You shook me all night long (Extrait de Farm Machine-2015)

3. Fill up the tank (Extrait de Brothers in Farms-2016)

4. Sweet Maria (Extrait de Another Miracle-2020)

Outro : Lion Tamer (Extrait de Another Miracle-2020)



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